Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Powering through it

One of the first things I fell in love with in my house is the back patio – I adored the lattice panels and the coziness of the space since I just love being outside.  What I don’t love about the patio is cleaning those lattice panels. I’ve found the best way to do so is to clean each ‘line,’ one at a time to get in the little grooves of each panel.


I haven’t cleaned them in a couple of years so they were seriously disgusting and covered with slime, dirt, etc. I bought a dinky power washer from Home Depot five years ago for $99 (Husky 1550 psi Power washer, which is apparently no longer sold) and that little baby is a miracle worker. I specifically got this one since the psi was strong enough to clean the house but not so strong that it would rip holes in my siding like some stronger washers may.


I first sprayed the lattice with cleaner…


…then sprayed it with water.


Look at how everything  just blasts right off and you can see the white lattice underneath! This started off as a fun project but when you have six panels that are each 100” tall and 51” wide to clean – and you are cleaning BOTH SIDES – it isn’t fun for long. I can barely lift my arms this week thanks to this ‘little’ project (as well as mulching, planting, mowing, trimming and building something) but it was the necessary first step in getting my patio ready for the summer. Next up – furniture!


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