Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teardrops in the Kitchen

When I bought the glass tealight for my fake terrarium, I also bought three of the teardrop wall vases I’ve been coveting for a couple of years.  When they arrived they were bigger than I was expecting but that made me happy since they’d fill up more of the wall space I had in mind for them. I always want to have plants in the kitchen but that room doesn’t get much natural light since the west window has the blinds partially closed at all times since it is right next to the sidewalk and I don’t like for people to look into the house and the other window is a north-facing window that doesn’t get much light. Enter wall vases.
I don’t have a lot of wall space in the kitchen since it is a tiny kitchen (around 7’x10’) and the walls are filled with cabinets but there is one wall where I could make a swap. I took down the memo board I made two years ago…
…and moved the recipe cards to the cork board I have in the kitchen cabinet.
corkboard_kitchen_athomewithhI then filled in the nail hole from the memo board, sanded and repainted the area so that it was ready for me to make a thousand more nail holes. At first I wanted the vases to be placed in a more freeform pattern but I didn’t like how it turned out. Then I decided to line them up in a single line in the middle of the space but I felt it was too disconnected from the window and I just didn’t like how it looked. Finally, I lined them up about six inches from the window and I fell in love.
vases_kitchen_athomewithhI cut some tulips I had in the yard to bring in some color and test out the vases. I’m thrilled with the purchase and the location since I finally have something living in the kitchen!
tulip_kitchen_athomewithh vases2_kitchen_athomewithh  Naturally, any time I come into the kitchen Sami follows me in hopes that I will feed her.

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