Monday, June 11, 2012

100% Humidity

For the past week I’ve been in West Virginia and Florida – WV to clean out my grandmother’s home and FL for my younger brother’s wedding. So while this isn’t a post about *my* house, it has some pics from my trip that are house-related.

When we got to West Virginia we noticed that the siding had some mildew growing on it (similar to how it grows on my fence – see the black stuff on the white siding below) so the house needs a good power washing before we put it up for sale. Oh, did I not mention that my grandmother now lives in MI so the house is going on the market?  We were in WV for three days to clean out the house – we had to determine what to toss, what to sell and what to keep. After the first day we had approximately 20 bags of garbage.


I only wanted a few items from her home (which I’ll take pictures of and post about once I get them) but we found some cool stuff – a little moonshine, a lot of old tools, a gas mask from WWI (I think) and more. I offered my mom $100 to put on the gas mask and she shockingly turned me down. Who wouldn’t want to put this thing on their face?!?


My grandmother was the queen of crafts and you wouldn’t believe the amount of craft supplies we found in the house – under beds, in dresser drawers, in the attic. Here’s a small snippet of it:


We donated all of the craft supplies and some other household goods to the church that my grandmother enjoyed helping (she made crafts for their sales) and the rest will be taken home or else sold to a man who purchases the contents of homes to sell in his resale shop.


On to Florida! My older brother owns a home with a good amount of land and on his property is a chicken coop that he built for his 16 chickens and one rooster. Fresh eggs for breakfast was a great way to start the day.


His neighbor recently purchased cows and horses so I enjoyed a brief visit with two horses that ventured up to let me pet them.



My favorite thing at my brother’s home is his ice machine. I *love* eating ice so I was thrilled to stand outside in the 100% humidity (it was hot, rainy and humid the entire four days we were there) to chomp down on some ice. He owns a framing company (as in framing out buildings and houses) so he bought an ice machine a few years ago since it was cheaper and easier to fill coolers every day for his workers’ drinks from his home than to buy bags of ice each day.


And since this isn’t a personal blog I usually don’t put pictures of my family on here but here’s one of me and my brothers on the wedding day. The one in the middle is my younger brother, the groom. Their outfits were based on one of his favorite movies, Gangs of New York.


I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with my house, my job and just recover from being so busy for the past week. I didn’t have much of a vacation since I was cleaning and then doing wedding prep work every day but it was so nice to see everyone and to get away from MI for a week. So things will be slow around here.

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