Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adding Height to the Living Room

I’ve been hunting for the perfect étagère for the living room corner between my couch and chair. If you remember, I had a white shelf in that corner that I refinished myself.  While I love the shelf, I’ve felt that the corner needed more height and the table just wasn’t cutting it (don’t worry – it found a new home elsewhere in my house).


While at HomeGoods this past week I found an industrial shelf that I had to have. I’ve been eyeing similar shelves at Cost Plus World Market (and here, here, here to name a few) for way more than the $120 I spent on this guy. This picture is in no way styled – I just moved things from the white shelf onto this one. Notice that the price tag is still attached. I love the colors, the distressed wood shelves, the four shelves and the drawer (to hide my hand weights and other workout gear).


At first I thought I’d put the gorgeous new glass lamp I bought on top of the shelf but I didn’t really like how it looked there.


But since we’re talking about the lap let’s take a closer look. I saw this lamp back in February and didn’t buy it and was kicking myself ever since. No joke – when I saw it again during this visit, I grabbed the pair of them and ran back to the front of the store to immediately pay. Why am I so crazy about these lamps? One clue:


I adore the bright blue cord. Since the base is clear you can see the cord through the base and the shade is fun and bright as well.


So I moved my peace plant on top.


Since I still needed a light in that corner (this room doesn’t have an overhead light), I put the old light back into place next to the shelf. I’m not in love with my old lamp but it gives off great light and the finish and height works really well with my new étagère so for now it will stay in the room.



There’s the first update to the living room. I have more coming but I still need to take pictures and who knows when I’ll get around to that!

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  1. Love the new piece and the lamp (the cord IS fab!), where is the old shelf going?


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