Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Finds

So truth be told, I found these items in HomeGoods back in April. See, I told you I was behind on things. I finally got them off my phone so I could share the goods with you. First up, a bench. This was pre-building my own bench so I briefly contemplated buying one similar to this. I believe it was $180 for this pretty guy:


I fell in love with these planters since the color and the subtle texture were perfect – the largest one was $40:


I’m always looking at rugs and these flat weave 5’x8’ rugs caught my eye. I do have a flat weave in the guest bedroom but I could never have on in a main room since they bunch up too easily, even with a rug pad underneath. $40 for these beauties.


I almost brought this mirror home. I fell in love with the shape, colors and subtle penny pieces but at $100 it was more than I wanted to spend:



Finally if I had more room for these I would have grabbed them both. These Cynthia Rowley milk glass lamps with silk blue shades were gorgeous in person. I found that if you find a lamp you like there, don’t expect it to be there the next time you stop in the store, even if you go back the next morning. I lost an awesome glass lamp last year that I still think about today – how sad is that?!?


Seeing these again really makes me want to make another trip to HomeGoods. Any other good finds lately?

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  1. Oh boy! I'd sure be tempted to splurge on the mirror and the lamps! Nice!


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