Friday, June 29, 2012

Guest Room Switch-up

Remember my awesome new étagère in the living room? It ousted the old white table I had in there so I literally carried that little table around my house until I found a new place for it to live. I assuming you guessed where it went from the post title – the guest room. I had a small black table next to the bed in here before. I bought it eight years ago at Bed, Bath and Beyond and it was just a filler until I found something nicer.


Enter something nicer:



It was just the right size so that the door doesn’t hit it when the closet is opened and it was low enough that it doesn’t bump into the window ledge above it. I *think* this will be its new home but I haven’t decided. I’m going to live with it a bit to see if I change my mind or not but for now, I like it.


On another note, I’d love a new lamp in here that is a bit bigger but that window makes things a little difficult. My brother gave me the lamp that is here now so I’d hate to not use it but the lamp is just a bit too small, I think.

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