Monday, June 25, 2012

Stand Up

I’m on the hunt for a new TV stand. I love the color of my existing one but it just isn’t working for me anymore.  I built the long picture ledge to fill up more of that wall space and the stand has felt too small underneath it as seen in this old picture, so the hunt is on (along with the chair hunt, the couch hunt, etc.).


Now that I have a DVR, the open shelf is too cramped for my liking (sorry for the iPhone photo but it was just easier):


I’ve spent endless hours looking online – Dark wood or white? How long should it be? How tall should it be? I’m leaning towards one of these:


The Hemnes from IKEA ($225) – I like the drawers, the color and the length (58 5/8”)


Hampton from Hayneedle ($299) – I love the mix of white and wood, the detail on the glass doors is fun and the length (55”)

I think I’m leaning towards the IKEA one since it is simple and with my small living room, simple is good.  I hope to sell my current one along with some other furniture on Craigslist to help with the cost. Stay tuned for other living room updates! I hit the jackpot at HomeGoods recently.

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