Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cat Scratch Fever (aka Sami-Proofing the Couch)

My beautiful new couch was delivered this weekend…


…and immediately I worried about how I could protect it’s corners from Sami and her love of scratching the couch. Here’s a reminder of what she did to my old couch (on the one corner only) and here is what I tried in the past (which didn’t work).


The fabric protection I bought for the couch (yes, I feel for that since it is a light colored couch and I am messy) certainly wouldn’t cover cat nail scratches so a solution had to be found and quickly. While looking on Amazon I found these cat scratch guards for your furniture.

I was thrilled and almost added them to my online cart but I paused as my brain computed that $17 was a little steep for two little pieces of plastic (11'” x 4.5”) and some upholstery twist pins.  I then found a 30 pack of twist pins on Amazon for $5.28 and a new idea was born.

I raided my craft supplies for some sheets (8.5” x 11”) of shrink film (used to make shrinky dinks if people remember those!) that I thought might be perfect for this project. (you can buy some here on Amazon – I have no idea if it is the same as mine since I got mine from my mom years ago and it didn’t have a tag on it) One side of the shrink film is smooth, which will annoy the hell out of your cat since they won’t be able to grip into your upholstery, while the other side has a slightly rough texture.

I simply rounded the corners of the sheets and then punched four small holes into each corner of the sheet (after I took this picture I went back and added an additional hole to each edge of the sheet for a total of eight holes).


Here you can see that one side is slick – notice the shine/reflection at the end.


It was simply a matter of attaching the film to my couch with the smooth side facing out using the upholstery twist pins. The pins won’t damage your fabric at all and they hold the plastic snuggly against the upholstery.





Easy, five minute project that cost me less than $6.  I love that the shrink film is much wider than the covers you can buy online since it adds a bit more protection to the couch. You don’t even really notice them at first unless you are looking for them and even when you do see them, they actually look quite nice in my opinion.



I’ll have to report back later once I live with this solution for a while to tell you how they held up. I can say that Sami didn’t go near the corners this weekend so we’ll see what happens when she attempts to scratch.

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  1. I will be trying this this weekend. Thanks Heather.


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