Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Craig Knocked it out of the Park

Craigslist that is. Remember how I was looking for a new TV stand? Well, I really didn’t want to shell out nearly $300 for a TV stand and I really wanted something with more personality. I had been scouring Craigslist for months looking for the perfect antique dresser/credenza/buffet/whatever to use as a TV stand and wasn’t having any luck…until last Friday!


This ad was posted on Thursday night and I texted the guy on Friday morning indicating my interest. Within half an hour he called me and we set up a 2:30 viewing time since I was in the office until 2:00.* I loved it upon viewing it so we shoved that sucker into the back of my CR-V (yes it fit unlike when I bought my bedframe off Craigslist!) and after handing over the $20 I was on my way!

I still need to clean and paint it – the dresser has been sitting in my hot garage all weekend to air it out (the house was a little smelly) and I’ve been lovingly stroking it whenever I’m in the garage. Originally I was going to remove the top two drawers for my video components but after some thought I’ve completely changed my plan of attack. Now the only issue is finding time to revamp this baby – hopefully before my party in two weeks so I can get it out of my garage. And hopefully I can con a nice guy friend into helping me move it since that sucker is heavy!

*One tip when Craigslisting – always tell someone where you are going, when you will be going and the contact information you have for the seller. Then when you are home safe and sound, let that person know you made it home okay. There are some crazies on Craigslist…and this is actually my rule for dating as well since we all know there are some crazies when dating, too!

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