Friday, July 27, 2012


I had hoped to post pictures of my house all decorated for my Olympics Opening Ceremony party that is taking place tonight but sadly I’m not ready. I still have to finish decorating, cooking, buying ice and beer, and other random things (like deciding what I’m going to do with Sami during the party since I hope the rain either comes early or holds off so people can enjoy sitting on the patio and I don’t want her to escape if people go in/out of the house). So, I’ll share pics next week and today I’ll share pics of my new crocks!

I meant to post this last week but got excited about my couch so I completely forgot. I mentioned that I brought home some of Grandma’s things and have them in the house already so I thought I’d share those. First up – a very large crock. I love crocks and the history associated with them so I was thrilled to bring this big boy home.



You can see that living in her basement wasn’t the best for this guy since there is some rust along the rim and some of the finish is missing in a couple of places but I still love it. I could use it as an umbrella holder…


…but I already have one of those. I actually bought a 13” round charger made of mango wood from Cost Plus to lay on top of the crock so I can use him as a side table. You can see my new ‘table’ next to my chair here:


I also brought home this smaller crock that my mom had at her home. I originally wanted a slightly smaller crock (the one above is quite large) because I wanted to place it in/near my kitchen to hold used rags and cloth napkins. I won’t even tell you where I was putting them before this! Enter my new crock.


I put it in the corner on the stairs leading to the basement so it is out of the way but still easy to toss napkins into. It has been life changing, I tell you!

Finally, my grandparents had a ton of bricks in their garage that were stamped with their hometown in West Virginia. I really wanted one to place on the back patio for decoration. I love my Morgantown brick since I now have something in my home from the place that gave me the best memories while growing up.



That’s it! Go Team U.S.A! I hope everyone enjoys the kick-off of the Olympics tonight – feel free to stop by, I have lots of sangria on hand!

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