Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Olympic Necklace

My last DIY for my Olympics Opening Ceremony party is a necklace that I made the other night while sampling some sangria that I have been contemplating serving. I’m a great hostess – I try out my drinks before serving them to others.


I randomly decided that I wanted a necklace to wear to my party to get into the festivities so I looked around the house for items I had to see if I could make something presentable. I found this old necklace (that was tarnishing) that I haven’t worn in a few years and realized that although it had a ton of different shaped/sized rings, it had five of the same sized rings – perfect!


I disassembled the necklace so that I had five rings, two chain halves and some small hoops to join the rings together. (I don’t make jewelry so I don’t know the proper terms so forgive me)


Then I looked around for thread that was blue, black, red, yellow and green and came across this fun pack of doodle twine I just brought home from my visit to the U.P.  - score! I also grabbed some thin gauge wire in case I needed it.


The process was super easy:

Step 1. Apply a small amount of glue to a ring and wrap a small amount of the blue thread around the ring. Hold for a few seconds to ensure it stays put and then continue wrapping the ring tightly with the thread.

Step 2. Glue the end to the ring with another small dot of glue. Use something to hold the thread in place while the glue dries – I used patterned clothespins that I had in my office. (See how I made those here)


Step 3. Repeat for every color.

Step 4. Using small gauge wire attach the rings to each other so that you have the shape of the official Olympic rings.  Originally I used the small hoop thingies but the rings didn’t stay put and moved around too much so I ended up using the wire I had in my stash. Make sure you attach each ring to the neighboring rings that it will touch – you should have seven connection points as seen below.


Step 5. Using the small hoops, attach the chain to the blue and the red rings.


The end. See – super easy that even a slightly intoxicated person can do it.

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