Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Finds

Naturally I went to my favorite antique stores and gift shops when I was home last week. I shockingly didn’t buy anything at the antique stores but my favorite gift shop was good to me. First up – these fun, glittery bark stars.



All Christmas goods were 40% off so I got the large one for $4ish and the small one for $3ish. Sorry – I can’t remember the exact prices and I can’t find my receipt. These will go nicely with the wooden stars I bought from the Salvation Army last year.

I also bought this huge bag of wooden beads for $2ish (originally $6ish but 70% off). Seriously.


I have no idea what I’m going to use them for but how about a chandelier…


…or a candle holder…

Source: via Heather from on Pinterest


…or strung on a light cord…


…or a necklace, kid toy, whatever - the possibilities are endless! I also brought back a few things from my Grandmother’s house that I have plans for using in my house. Mainly, some buttons that I played with when I was little, a half-finished HAND STITCHED quilt and some small quilt pieces that would look awesome framed.




Next week I’ll show you the non-crafty things I brought home from Grandma’s house. They have already found a new home at my house.

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