Friday, July 20, 2012

Out with the Old…In with the Gorgeous

How long have I been looking for a new sofa? It seems like years but the search is finally over! One day while looking at the Chloe sofa on the Macy’s website (this is the sofa I’ve coveted for a few years now) I noticed a new sofa that I hadn’t seen before in the ‘Customers Also Shopped’ section – the Kaylan sofa.


It had everything on my wish list:

  • Stone color (which I’ll probably regret with Sami but whatever)
  • Solid back – meaning no cushions to constantly fix
  • Three seat cushions
  • Smaller than 80” long and taller than 36” high (I like to rest my head back on the sofa and most sofas – IKEA I’m looking at you – are too short for that)
  • Curvy and feminine

I bookmarked the sofa and then forgot about it for a month until I was cleaning up my computer before I went on vacation.  When I revisited the site at the end of June my eyes immediately went to the new price in bold, red font – $699.00 until the Fourth of July! I called up customer support since their site usually tells you where you can find the sofa to look at it in person and this particular sofa didn’t mention that at all. I found out it was at a mall near me but since I was going on vacation I didn’t have time to check it out. She told me I could order it to get the sale price and then cancel later as long as I cancelled my order before the delivery. Since they don’t charge your credit card until the sofa is actually delivered so I figured I’d take the chance.  I was told that it wouldn’t be in for delivery until early August so I figured I had some time to get back from vacation, check out the sofa and then decide what to do from there.

When I was driving back from the U.P. I received the email alerting me that my sofa was ready for delivery! What?!? The following day I hurried over to the local mall, sat/laid/curled up on the sofa to test it out and then sighed with relief that I loved it as much in person as I did online. (While there I also finally sat on the Chloe sofa and I loved it but Sami’s fur would totally cling to the fabric so I finally gave up on that dream.) My delivery date is TOMORROW so I’ll be back next week with pictures of my new sofa all set up in my house.


  1. I am considering buying this couch, but it unfortunately is not at any of my local stores. I am nervous buying it online without seeing it in person. I am wondering if you are happy with the quality of the couch now that you have lived with it for a few months. Can you describe the color for me? Is it more tan or gray? Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi!
    I am still very happy with the couch. The cushions were a bit stiff upon arrival but they are softening as I sit on the couch more often. The construction is solid. The color is more beige than gray but I do think it could fall under the greige category (a mix of both colors).

    Hope that helps!


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