Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chair Lust

I was in HomeGoods last night to check out their chairs and I fell in love with a few that they had in stock. First up – this graphic, blue slipper chair would be so fun in the living room but I think I may tire of the bold pattern. It was around $200.


I die for these chairs (Zentique Seneca Café Chair). They were $80 each and if there were four I would have grabbed them regardless of the cost. I love them so much. I found them on Amazon for $194 each so the HomeGoods price is a steal.


One Kings Lane is currently selling the barstool version for $239 each. Seriously, seeing this in my inbox today made me regret not buying those chairs last night.


This one would be perfect if it was a tad taller and maybe a smidge thinner. It was $250 at HomeGoods but you can find it for $328 on Overstock if you don’t have a  HG near you.  Same.Exact.Chair. God I love that tufting and gorgeous nail head trim.



I don’t have a bar so I have no need for barstools but these caught my eye.  A nice mix of metal and leather for $130 each.



That’s it in terms of chairs. I did make one purchase but I’ll save that for another post.


  1. OMG, you are making me seriously jealous that i don't have a home goods anywhere near me! I want every single one of those chairs! lol.

    Love the blog! Just followed, can't wait for more posts, expect more jealously coming from my way haha.

    Jan @door251

  2. Welcome, Jan! No matter where I live a HomeGoods has to be near by - it is a new rule for house hunting.



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