Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inexpensive Porch Update

I recently went to Home Depot and found myself wandering in the garden center. Their plants/flowers were deeply discounted so I bought two hanging flower pots for $5 each, down from their original price of $20 each.


I also bought a coconut liner for $8 that I placed into my plant stand and then simply placed the pots inside of it. Easy way to upgrade my entrance! (the black box is covering my house numbers)


I also recently gave the railings a fresh coat of paint and power washed the porch. The only problem with the front entrance are those damn rust spots that won’t go away. Last year I tried to fix them with rust inhibitor (which didn’t work obviously) and a fresh coat of paint. I give up – I’ve tried everything the internet has to offer in terms of dealing with those rust spots.


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