Monday, August 6, 2012

Turning a Dresser into a TV Console

Remember the dresser I bought from Craigslist for $20? Here’s a reminder picture from the ad:


It has six visible drawers and then when you open the doors in the middle, three more drawers were hidden there. Please forgive me for the horrible pics that I copied from their ad – I forgot to take any of my own once I got it home.


Originally I was going to paint the drawers and legs white and stain the top a nice cherry but when I saw the piece I realized I’d likely have a hard time keeping the stain from getting on the white part since the sides were all flush and there wasn’t an overhang, which would make staining the top much easier. So, I simply sanded the top, spray primed it all and then applied five thin, even coats of paint using a small foam roller.  Here’s a tip – don’t paint in your garage when it is 100 degrees outside – the best temps for painting are 60s-70s since when it is hotter the paint can get gummy. Remember that.


I also spray painted the handles white since they were originally a light brown color and were horrific. I’d love to find some cool handles to replace them but I’m not sure if I can find something to cover those holes inside of the handles and the screws are 5” apart – most handles that I’ve found that I like are only 3” apart.

I looked at the middle section for a while in an attempt to figure out how to convert it for my DVR, DVD player and possibly my iPod speakers. The drawers were dove-tailed (meaning the joints were solid) so trying to remove the front of the drawers was impossible. I decided to just get rid of the drawers, remove the drawer track and then convert the space into shelves.  You can see where the track was in the picture below – I simply used a hammer to pull out the nails holding the track in place.




I bought a small sheet of plywood from Home Depot for $6, cut three shelves from the piece and then covered them with contact paper I bought from TJMaxx (also for $6).  Since you’d still see the old wood on the sides and back of the interior space, I bought a deep blue paint sample from Lowe’s ($3) to hide the ugly. Pretty right?


The final step was to drill holes in the back of the shelves for cords to feed through. The DVR went on the top shelf and the DVD player fits on the middle but my speakers were too tall for the bottom shelf. Instead, I decided to put a basket on the shelf and feed my surge protector and all of the cords from the TV and components into it so that they are not visible on the floor underneath the console.


I love the size of the console – I have a ton of storage for my DVDs (although they can't stand up like I had hoped since the drawers aren’t deep enough. I also lined the drawers with the same contact paper I used on the shelves) and since the bottom is open and airy, I can actually feel the air/heat from my furnace. The old TV stand blocked the vent completely so the room never felt as cool/warm as it should but that has completely changed with the new console.




But do you notice what I noticed? The metal piece on the floor that covers my vent stuck out like a sore thumb due to the gray color.


I simply removed it, spray painted it with a nice champagne spray paint that I had on hand….


….and then put it back in place. The champagne color blends in with the wood floors better and doesn’t bother me as much.



You may be wondering why I even have that metal piece. The original vents in my house stick out like this one in the guest bedroom:


When the old owners removed the original vent, they replaced it with a wall one and were left with a huge hole in the floor from where the vent used to lie.  The metal piece simply covers that hole.


That is the quick update on my credenza. Sorry no progress pictures since like I said it was 100 degrees outside and I was just anxious to paint and get it done.  I love the credenza size in comparison to the picture ledge I built – they look like they were meant to go together.







  1. Love it painted, though usually i love these midcentiry pieces in natural wood.

    But yours look very elegant indeed.

  2. Thanks, Anna. I forgot to mention that originally I wanted to restain it but once I saw it and the condition the sides were in, I knew that paint was going to be the best route for my piece since it wasn't as loved in the last home as it will be in mine. That's why I hoped to at least stain the top but it just wasn't in the cards.


  3. Yes, sometimes furniture is too damaged to stain it. What I like of your console si you painted in a very simple but effective way that makes it look modern and sleek. Painting the handles was a very good idea.
    Love love it.

  4. This turned out great! We recently turned a dresser into a TV stand too & we also painted it white. Sarah

  5. I just came over from YHL to take a look at this and you nailed it. I'm more of a shaker/mission style person myself versus MCM but this came out so nice. I love the white!

  6. Magnificent! Just found this blog. Going to subscribe to you! BTW, I did a little media center sprucing of my own. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see more ideas from you.

  7. Thanks, ladies! I'm still in love with the dresser and would love to find more!


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