Friday, August 10, 2012

What a Grand Phone

I haven’t had a land line since I moved into my house over seven years ago. I use my cell phone for everything – work calls, personal calls, whatever. However, earlier this summer when I upgraded to a DVR through my cable company, they threw in a land line with the bundle (did I mention my bundle is cheaper than what I used to pay for my cable/internet?). I figured this was a good idea for emergency calls and it was free so why not. I haven’t hooked a phone up to the line since I got it, since I got rid of all of my old phones so I decided it was time to hunt something down. I found the Pottery Barn Grand Phone through a Craigslist seller in Detroit and immediately fell in love with the vintage styling of the phone. After a quick search I found out that Pottery Barn still sells the phone at an ungodly price:


Luckily for me a bunch of people are selling it on eBay for a fraction of the cost. I scored the black option for $25 + shipping thanks to the eBay ‘Buy it Now’ feature (I don’t have time to watch and bid on something).


I received the phone within a few days and am happy to report that I’m in love. IN LOVE. After a quick and thorough wipe down with some Clorox wipes, the phone was plugged in and tested out. Naturally I have the ringer turned off right now since no one I know has the number and the only calls I imagine I’d get on it are from solicitors and I plan on only using it as an emergency phone.  But it sure is nice to look at.



Apparently they sell a similar phone on Joss and Main called the Kettle phone – again for a lot more than I paid for mine.


You can find similar ones on eBay and I even found a red one (that I was thisclosetobuying) on Etsy. Happy hunting!


  1. Love it! My garndmother had a phone like this; it was made of bakelite and was very heavy.

    My little sister (she was a beast) hit my little cousin with the receiver on the head and made him a big purple bump.

  2. I just found your site by accident, actually looking for info on starch wall covering process, but just had to look at the rest of your site and OMG....your house is fantastic...and your inviting...I just had to say....WOW! (I have absolutely no idea how these blogs work or anything but...) You are amazingly talented and have such an find your things all over and bring them all together...Just wanted to say kudo's! to you.


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