Monday, September 24, 2012

Button Up

When I saw this heirloom button art at Little Green Notebook months ago I decided that I had to do it with my grandmother’s old buttons. Growing up when we’d visit my grandparents I’d play with my grandma’s buttons and my papa’s jars of pennies. I liked to sort and organize things even back then apparently.


I bought a 16x20 frame from HomeGoods since nothing I had was big enough and I had a LOT of buttons to play with for this project.  I loved the faux wood frame since it played nicely with the colorful buttons.


I started by cutting a piece of white duck cloth to use as my background and then laying buttons out to get an idea of how many I could put in the frame and to see how many lines I may have. This took quite a while, not because it was difficult but because I found myself playing with the buttons and remembering certain ones from my childhood. I also didn’t want to  use two of the same button so it took some time to find all unique buttons in each color.


Once I had an idea of what I wanted and the order I measured out equally spaced lines. Some buttons were flat while others had a shank on the back (see the purple button below) that I removed using the button shank cutter I had on hand (previously bought from my mom’s scrapbook store).


I then just used hot glue to apply each button to the fabric and then slipped the fabric into my frame.


I decided to hang this in the office on the wall that used to contain just my message board and some old framed linens.  Since I removed the gallery wall in my bedroom I really wanted to turn this wall into a gallery wall with my button art in the center of it all.  So I turned this…


…into this.




I poured all of the left over buttons into this fun glass bowl from HomeGoods.


I’m selling the old chair on Craigslist (once I get it posted) and I moved my cedar chest from the guest bedroom into here since I needed the space in the guest room (more on that later).  As for the old memo board, well it was moved next to the bookshelves so that I can still use it in the office.


I’m in love with the button art since I now find myself looking at it every time I’m in the office and it is a nice way to honor my grandmother’s buttons.


  1. The buttons are so sweet! I like how they work with the other pieces in the art cluster, too.

    Stopping by from the YHL linkup!

  2. I have a box of my grammy's buttons, too, and have been considering a similar project. I love the way yours turned out, and I especially love how you styled it on your gallery wall! It looks great!

  3. I love this project so much. It's a perfect mix of sentiment and style :)


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