Friday, September 28, 2012

New to Me Curio

When we cleaned my grandmother’s house we only kept a few pieces of furniture – sewing cabinets, a chair or two and an antique curio cabinet. Since my mom’s apartment is pretty stuffed, I got the curio cabinet. I wasn’t sure where to put it since my dining room is small and there isn’t room in there, so I decided to put it in the office.


However, between that, the desk and the bookshelves the room was too full of dark furniture. I also didn’t like how close it was to the door and how enclosed the closet door felt (on left). So, I moved it into the guest room at the food of the bed (allowing me to hang my new gallery wall here).  It *just* fit along this wall without having to go in front of the vent.


I love that not only the front but also the sides are glass since it doesn’t seem so obtrusive when you enter the room.


I played around with stuff inside and on top but haven’t come to the final layout yet. I am thinking of putting all family-related stuff in here, though (the rest of grandma’s buttons, my papa’s pennies, my father’s stein, my great aunt’s framed quilt piece, etc.).



The cabinet needs some love since I believe it used to be a lighter brown color as seen on the shelves and now the outside is almost black and the finish is rough, almost like a weird build-up on the wood.  But look at how gorgeous the details are:




Some day I’ll get around to refinishing it but for now it resides in the guest room as-is. Don’t worry – it won’t be painted a bright color or even white, it will be restored to its natural wood color.


  1. Beautiful cabinet but it looks like it's smashing your curtain!

  2. I love that cabinet! You're so lucky to have such a special piece.

  3. Thanks! Yes - it is right against the curtain but it doesn't bother me since there really isn't anywhere else to put it without getting rid of other furniture in the house (aka the bookshelves in the office).


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