Monday, October 1, 2012

Cane Backing

Oh, about a month ago I was killing time in HomeGoods when I noticed a beautiful chair. Strike that – I walked into the front door, spied the chair all the way at the back of the store and made a beeline for it.


It was exactly what I was looking for except one thing – I wanted something with a blue fabric. BUT! This chair was big without feeling overwhelming, had padded armrests for me to throw my legs over when I sit sideways in the chair (such poor posture I have!), had the caning that I love (on both the back and seat bottom) and had removable cushion covers (both the seat and back). It was way more $ than I wanted to spend (by about $100) but I just loved it so much that after walking around the store for a bit I knew I had to have it. Did I mention that the cushions are filled with down so they are comfy and cushy.




I love the airy legs and sides – the shape and details of the chair really make it fit into the small room without feeling so solid and heavy like my old chair did.



The best part is that Sami cannot ruin the bottom of this one like she did the last one since there’s no fabric around the legs for her to scratch. So – I’m on the hunt for someone who can make slipcovers for the cushions since I’m not in love with the fabric (it is a bit more ‘formal’ than I want and as I mentioned I want something blue).  If you know anyone in SE Michigan – let me know! Please!

For fun, here are a couple more pictures:



On an un-related note, I bought that wavy blue mirror from HomeGoods as well. I love that it reflects the light from the window across the room and I love the shape but I feel like it should be bigger…or something. I don’t know – it just doesn’t feel right but for now it works well enough.

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