Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall DIY in Less Than 5 Minutes

I’ve got three DIY projects for you today that were shown in my fall living room décor Friday. Each one took less than five minutes to make and are budget friendly.


#1 DIY Billy Buttons

Billy Buttons (aka Craspedia, a genus of daisies) are bright yellow balls of fun in my opinion. I’ve loved them since I first noticed them in some décor blogs and magazines a few years ago. I finally decided I had to have some in my own home so I figured I’d just make my own when I stumbled on this yellow vase filler at Jo Ann’s. It was as simple as buying the vase filler for $2 and green cloth 18 gauge stem wire for $2...


… cutting the stems in half and then sticking the stems into the filler.



#2 Wooden Fall Leaves

The second project involved just placing some green texture scrapbook paper and two cherry wood leaves into a frame. Done.  I bought mine from Paper Source (8 in a pack for $8.50). You could easily buy thin sheets of wood paper or laminate and cut out your own – I chose to do things the easy way.


#3 Wooden Thanks Sign

I was trying to figure out what I could do with some paper tape (aka washi tape) I bought from Target when I stumbled on these bamboo trays I had lying around. Armed with the tape and some glitter scrapbook paper I was able to make a fun sign for the holidays.


I simply flipped the tray over to use the flat side and placed two strips of the washi tape on the board. I cut out the letters by hand and then glued them between the tape. Of course it would be better if there wasn’t a hole there (that’s for slipping your wine glass through) but since it is on the shelf in the living room, the hole isn’t as noticeable (don’t get me wrong – you can still see it but it doesn’t bug me as much and I was using what I had).


That’s it!

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