Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello Fall

Anyone still out there? I took a much-needed blog break but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing things around the house! I just wasn’t feeling up to taking pictures, editing and then writing about them.  One of the things I did, oh a month ago, was to decorate the house for the fall. I love autumn – the colors, smells, coolness in the air…they all make up my favorite season.  My décor was light this year – a few plants/leaves, some DIY projects and a little more red, yellow and brown than I usually have in the house.


The books that usually sit on the ottoman next to my chair were swapped out with those with more fall-appropriate spines (red, brown and a MI biking book) and a white leaf dish was filled with wooden beads for added interest.


Some pictures on my picture ledge were replaced with a wooden ‘Thanks’ sign and some cut sedum from my yard in a metallic trophy.


My brass apple was brought into the room along with some billy buttons in a simple white vase.


My dad’s beer stein was placed on the TV console with some cut leaves from my yard (also shown are the sedum and billy buttons). Speaking of billy buttons – notice anything about these?


You’re looking at some DIY billy buttons! I’ll post details on those later.

The dining room table saw some love in the form of a burlap runner over a thinner white runner, some wooden and glitter leaves and a mix of fake pumpkins.



I’ve also been cleaning my gutters, raking the leaves and all the other horrid fall yard clean-up that has to be done before it starts to snow around here. The last of the fall projects is taking place this weekend.  My friend is coming over to trim my neighbor’s tree that hangs over my property! I’m so excited and will take lots of pics of him up in the tree.

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  1. I'm glad you're only taking a break. I was a little worried :-)
    Love the decor on the dining room table!


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