Thursday, November 15, 2012

Watch Out Below!

This past weekend a high school friend of mine came over to trim my neighbor’s tree. Originally we were just going to remove the branches that hung over my property line but I asked my neighbor if we could just cut it all the way back to the trunk on her side and she happily agreed.  This tree has been a pain in my behind since I moved into this house. The tree is basically dead (naturally with 95% of the dead branches hanging over my yard) and I’m constantly picking up dead branches and bark from my yard. Here are some before shots – it may be hard to tell but if you look straight up from the chain fence, all of the branches that jut out towards my garage are dead.



Another reason I wanted this trimmed before winter is to prevent another occurrence of one of its branches falling onto my garage like it did in  2005 after living here for one whole month.  I don’t think I ever posted about that debacle so here are some pictures:





Most of the damage was on the back side of the garage roof since that’s where a huge branch fell. It ripped up shingles and broke through in one spot. My cousin reroofed my garage a couple of years ago so I’ve been nervous about this tree falling on my garage again since so many dead branches hang over my property. Enter Justin.

He cuts down trees in his spare time, of which he doesn’t have much so it took a couple of months for me to get on the schedule, with the help of his roommate. They scoped out the tree to make a game plan and then Justin started climbing…

treetrimming_climbing1_athomewithh treetrimming_climbing2_athomewithh

He climbed all the way out to the big branch that hangs over my property and then started cutting off sections of that branch. There were technically two large branches that had to come down so he started with the one that was higher up the tree.  After he cut the section, his helper would guide it to the ground with the rope that Justin tied around it. It was pretty cool to watch – here are a series of pictures I took (I took 70 pictures but will only show a few).





When they were done after a couple of hours, I had this in my yard…


…and then this stacked up for a friend to use for firewood.


Check out this after picture! NOTHING hangs over my property anymore and my garage is safe! Hallelujah!


I am thrilled with the results and how well they cleaned up my yard afterwards (all sawdust and little branches were raked up, big branches were cut into manageable sizes and put on my curb for my city’s weekly branch pick-up and the large pieces were cut and stacked next to the garage for my friend to pick up).

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