Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year, New Start

Sorry for the silence on the blog but well, life happened. I met an amazing man in mid-October and have been seeing him nearly every day since then. Trying to find balance between work, home, the boyfriend, friends and the gym is frustrating. If you have a secret to finding more hours in the day, please let me know! This post is going to be a bit rambling so bear with me!


I joined a gym last October just prior to meeting T. and was really good about going four or five days a week until December.  Mondays and Thursdays are easy since I go right after work (4:00) to beat the rush and I used to go Tuesdays and Wednesdays after 7:00 but that isn’t working out so well with seeing T and wanting to eat dinner before 8:30 at night. So I’m trying to find a good schedule that will work for me… for us. I’m also planning on going on day hikes on weekends again this year. I didn’t make it to a park every weekend last year but I did do a fair amount of hiking and hope to only increase it this year.



If you want more on T (aka my guy), check back later this week and I’ll post some scoop. I can’t have my first post be about my love life, now can I?!? I will say now that I’m excited for the adventure that lies ahead!



I’ve done a few projects and taken pictures in the past couple of months, but I never edited the pictures or wrote up posts since that just takes time I didn’t have. I need to figure out a way to focus energy and time back on the blog since I do love home projects and sharing what I do.  This year will be a busy one for me around the house since I have a handful of small projects to tackle as well as some larger ones that I’ll hire out.

New roof – when I was cleaning my gutters this fall I realized that my shingles don’t have much life left in them. They were more than ten years old when I bought the house and I’ve been here for nearly eight years. They are slowly falling apart so it is time to shell out big bucks for the shingles. This will be hired out – likely to T’s friend who owns a roofing company (wahoo!).

New fence – yes, this is *still* on my list of things to address. I’m finally going to shell out the cash to get a new fence installed. I just need to finally pick a fence style, buy it and sweet talk T into helping me install it.

Kitchen updates – I’d love to make a few minor updates to the kitchen. Sorry, no details since I’m still thinking it all through.

Dining room – I still want a new light in here but I’m not stressing out about it. If/when I find the right one, you can be sure I’ll get it hung. The biggest issue is the coat/shoe/purse situation near the back door. I use this entrance exclusively to get into my house and the room has become a mess because of it.

Office – repaint and organize!!!!!

Bathroom – the only project I have on the agenda thus far is to reglaze the tub - this will likely be hired out since I heard the DIY kits are horrible.

Basement – organize, organize, organize. This has become a dump and it needs to be addressed.

Garage – organize, organize, organize. See a trend?



My goals for the year are to find balance, stop dumping everything on the dining room kitchen when I walk into the house, take care of paperwork/bills as soon as they enter my house, read before bed, try to post more projects here and just ‘be’ with friends and T – away from the internet and my phone.


Here’s to a great 2013! Thanks for reading!

photo credits: Jesse Snyder, Stewart Curran, Chris Stetson and Chris McAuley


  1. Yea! New love! How exciting! I've been married for 6 years so all I have now is old love. But it's still pretty hot ;)

    1. Hi Shanda! Yes, I'm pretty excited about things. :)


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