Friday, January 18, 2013

Shoe Conundrum

I mentioned before that I use the backdoor to my home as my main entrance/exit since it leads out to the garage. Something I never thought about when looking at houses was whether the home had a mudroom – let me just say that it is now a requirement. Since my house doesn’t have one, I’ve set up a makeshift mudroom corner near the door in the dining room. Lately that corner has been taken over by shoes. Oh, who am I kidding, that section is taken over by shoes year-round since I love me some shoes.


For the winter months, since I live in MI and it is generally wet or snowy outside, I decided to put together a boot tray. It all started when I saw this pretty tray at IKEA:


I simply bought five bags of river rocks at the dollar store….


…filled the tray with rocks and then slid the tray underneath the table next to the back door.



Any rain or snow from the boots will drip off the boots and onto the rocks. The rocks keep the boots from staying wet since the water eventually makes its way down to the tray underneath. Easy fix! I wish that was the last of the fixes for this area but sadly it has a long way to go. All of the coats/gloves/purses/whatever else is driving me crazy in this corner so I’ll be back (hopefully soon) with a fix! Here’s a hint of where I’m heading:

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  1. There are just so many homes where you walk into the house and are right in the kitchen with no entryway. I always wonder where people put their shoes, boots and coats - in the garage? Brrrrrr.


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