Friday, February 8, 2013

Small Kitchen Updates

This year I’m focusing some time/effort/attention to the kitchen. My kitchen is a tiny galley kitchen that needs to pack a lot of function and storage – both of which are lacking right now. One thing I’ve wanted to add to my kitchen for a year or so is a flip out tray under the sink to the faux front.


Before we move on do you notice my new cutting board? It was a Christmas gift – you’re looking at a bamboo cutting board of Michigan, well, lower Michigan. Here’s the UP with a heart over my hometown:


Okay back to the cabinets. I bought a kit at Lowe’s for under $20, some new cabinet pulls ($4 each for four pulls from Lowe’s since I had to replace the existing ones in order for the new one to match) and spent about 40 minutes installing two trays and the new pulls.  These trays hold my sponges, disposal cleaner, scrub pads and sink stoppers.



That was the first easy upgrade. The second involved some $1 blue bins from Target, a drawer divider from TJMaxx and the long silverware drawer in the kitchen (to the right of the sink in the first picture above).  I was sick of my utensils getting mixed up with the smaller chip clips and measuring spoons so I used a drawer divider to break up the right side of the drawer and the small bins to corral smaller items. The bins were a great find in the Dollar Spot at Target (2 for $1).


Finally I made some new kitchen art. I bought some (non-matching, small) antique silver utensils from my favorite antique store for $1 each with the idea of framing them in the kitchen. They were a tarnished mess:


To clean them, I placed aluminum foil in the bottom of a large pot, placed the silver on top of the foil and then covered the silver with 1/4c baking soda, 2 teaspoons of salt and then poured a quart of boiling water over it all. You cover the pot and let the baking soda do its thing (while trying not to gag at the horrible smell). I repeated this a couple of times until the silver was sparkly and clean:


I then used hot glue to attach the silver to a piece of framing material and popped it all into a shadowbox frame that I had lying around (from IKEA). It is fitting for a kitchen and has been hanging out on the counter for a week or so but it may find a home somewhere else. I’m just not sure what I want to do with the kitchen right now but this was a fun and easy project to add a little whimsy for a while.


The other project that is taking up my time is the shoe issue I previously alluded to. Stay tuned for my solution!

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