Thursday, March 7, 2013

Home Entry Revamp

I’m not doing so well with keeping up on the blog but I have had a lot going on inside the house lately that I am finally getting around to sharing! As I mentioned before the entry to my home is a mess. Exhibit A:


The shoe tray I made was helping a bit with the winter shoes but I still hated the mess in the tiny dining room.  I’ve mentioned before that this house has three entrances. I’ve never used the side one since it is just a small landing with stairs that go down to the basement or up to the kitchen:



My T. had a great idea – start using the side entrance but make built-in cubbies for my shoes on the stairwell! Genius! So we mapped out the size of the cubby we wanted and then invited his friend over to help with the construction. I wanted the cubby to be where I could just kick my shoes into it from the landing without having to do down too many stairs and we wanted one on each side.


Adam (said friend) came over and cut out the two holes of equal size. Since there is a steel beam on the right side holding up my floor, we had to move that down down a bit. I originally wanted them symmetrical but I love the staggered look of the holes now.  To refresh your memory of my basement, the hole on the right (as you look up the stairs) is in the laundry room and the hole on the left is in the storage area.


They then measured everything and constructed two boxes made out of higher-grade plywood. This stuff was more expensive but it looks nicer, which was a selling point to me (especially since this was all done for me with no labor costs!).


The boxes were screwed into place…


…and trim was attached to cover the edges.



I’m sure you’re wondering what the other sides of the walls look like – in the laundry room, the box is actually almost exactly the same depth as the wall shelves so it isn’t in the way at all. The electrical just had to be reattached to the wall (done after this pic) . In the other room, there is about 1.5” of box that sticks out from the wall thanks to a weird double-wall I had in there. So it isn’t interfering with my wall of sports equipment at all.


The next step was to caulk around the seams and where the boxes met the walls, fill in any nail/screw holes, prime and then paint.



How do you like the new shoe storage? I’m in love. I’ll be back with pictures of the finished space since the walls were painted, a new light fixture hung and things moved around. The space is now easily one of my favorite spaces in the house and the built-in shoe storage is a huge selling point whenever I sell this place!

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