Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Home

This summer has been incredibly busy around here – if I’m at home we have parties and events to go to so I don’t have much time to DIY, but many weekends have been spent in my summer home:




We have a 1979 Play-Mor camper (or travel trailer as some call it). This old guy is only 13’ long with the tongue I believe so space is a little cramped but we love it. T actually bought it a few years ago before we met but it is now as much mine as his as I’m putting my stamp on it.

Mostly we camp in the woods but we have done two campgrounds this year and we even stayed in a rustic cabin in the UP for two nights.


T is away this weekend for a guy’s camping weekend so I’ll have some time to myself to watch girly movies, shop and get things done around the house. In addition to camping we have started spending every other weekend at his place so my house is feeling neglected. I have many house pics to share so maybe I’ll spend a good chunk of time this weekend writing posts and editing pictures.

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