Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting Married!

We are getting married in Petoskey, MI on Saturday – we chose the city since it is nearly the middle from my mom and T’s family.  The venue is gorgeous and everything I ever imagined for my big day so without further ado here it is! As you walk out of the hotel, you are greeted by the fountain and some plants lining a paver walkway that leads you to the veranda.


The veranda is straight ahead. It has clear, plastic sides that come down if it is cold or rainy and heaters line the ceiling. We hope not to use them but it looks like a possibility since the weather is cooling off next week.


This is where dinner will be held. The plastic tables and chairs that are set up for everyday use will be removed for their nice dining chairs/tables. We’ll have guys circling with appetizers, while hot appetizers and the cupcake tower will be in the nook to the left of our private bar below.



Again, these tables will be removed and a tent will be where I stood to take this picture. The tent will serve as the dance area.


Chairs will be set up here for our guests for the ceremony.


And we’ll be standing here for the ceremony. We don’t need to add any decorations since Lake Michigan will be our backdrop and the garden should have some late summer/early fall flowers.


Looking back at the hotel and venue.


Our room is the lower left corner room here, so I’ll be able to walk out from my room and down the walkway to the ceremony.


We’re pretty laid back about the whole thing so some key items to note include:

- No wedding party.

- We’re getting flowers for the tables on Friday or early Saturday morning. The only flowers we ordered are white hydrangeas for my bouquet, which my mom will make for me.

- Our friend is officiating the ceremony (he was ordained online by the state of MI).

- Décor is simple since Lake Michigan and the garden are our decorations. It was important to marry along Lake Michigan (its where we got engaged) so we don’t want to take away from that.

- Everything was planned in a month! We found the venue online (well, there’s a story since we changed the venue and date after we saw the first venue), we found a local photographer to take pictures for three hours (that’s all I wanted), a quick search found a local woman to make cupcakes, and our family and friends are helping decorate (plus we are DIYing flowers, décor, etc.).

- We wanted to keep things small so we have 26 guests coming – our immediate families and our closest friends. We are serving surf and turf (filet and lobster tail) and have the top of the line bar setup so while it is small it is costly – in fact, we are spending as much on our small wedding as Todd’s sister did for her 200+ guest wedding. Insane.

- We’re heading to Maui for a week to relax and celebrate. Can’t wait!

I’ll try to post after pictures and some inspiration pics at another time.  Five days to go!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Goodbye, Home!

On August 10 I sold my perfect, little home. Why? Because this happened…


…and then Sami and I moved into my fiancé's rental house until we can buy a new home together.  It made sense to put my house on the market since the area was selling really well (sold in 26 hours from listing – we had four offers to choose from on day one!) and my house doesn’t have a large enough driveway for our three vehicles, the camper and the utility trailer. I’m not going to lie – I miss my house…a lot.

I thought I’d do a final tour of my house as it was when it was listed (lots of color/décor changes from my last posts). Here goes!
























To sell, I swapped out the lights in the guest room and office to more basic lights to appeal to the buyers (two for $20 at Home Depot) and we cleaned the house from top to bottom. That’s it. I didn’t repaint anything just to sell the house and we didn’t remove any of my things other than family photos.  Next on the agenda – our wedding in 8 days!!!!! (Yes, we became engaged on June 5 and are marrying three months later. Why wait?!)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Home

This summer has been incredibly busy around here – if I’m at home we have parties and events to go to so I don’t have much time to DIY, but many weekends have been spent in my summer home:




We have a 1979 Play-Mor camper (or travel trailer as some call it). This old guy is only 13’ long with the tongue I believe so space is a little cramped but we love it. T actually bought it a few years ago before we met but it is now as much mine as his as I’m putting my stamp on it.

Mostly we camp in the woods but we have done two campgrounds this year and we even stayed in a rustic cabin in the UP for two nights.


T is away this weekend for a guy’s camping weekend so I’ll have some time to myself to watch girly movies, shop and get things done around the house. In addition to camping we have started spending every other weekend at his place so my house is feeling neglected. I have many house pics to share so maybe I’ll spend a good chunk of time this weekend writing posts and editing pictures.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Still Alive

I have failed at updating the blog this year. I have a ton of pictures to upload but just haven’t found the time to do so. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing (via Instagram):

Celebrated my birthday in March

Celebrated Easter with T and his family

Went to a Drive-through African Safari in OH

Attended my Grandmother’s funeral in WV and visited the old house (from the outside anyway)

Got my hair straightened (should last six months)

Went camping (first time with T and first time in a camper)

The weather in MI hasn’t been that great this spring so no outside projects yet though I do have to figure out a time to mow this week since my grass is ridiculously long due to all the rain.  Happy spring! Hopefully summer (and warmer weather) is just around the corner!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Home Entry Revamp–Part2

Yesterday I showed you the new shoe cubbies my T and his friend built for me.  Today I’m back with pictures of the finished space.  Let’s look at the before again, shall we?  I wanted to swap out the light, remove the pot lids, paint the walls, remove anything that didn’t need to be there and replace the dinky hooks….so I did.  You may be wondering why I left the skillets – I like having them hanging since storage space in my kitchen is limited and hanging them keeps them in better shape than stacking them so for now, they stay where they are. They are in easy reach to the kitchen and get used daily.


First up – the paint. I chose a gorgeous gray by Valspar that we had color matched at Sherwin Williams in their matte paint. My T is a professional painter and he swears by SW so I figured I’d stray from my usual Glidden. Since there wasn’t much wall space that wasn’t the faux brick and the ceiling angles were weird, I requested that they paint the walls and ceiling gray and the shoe cubbies and faux brick glossy white.




Look – even my tall winter boots fit in the cubbies with room to spare! Did I mention how in love with the cubbies I am?!? A few times? Well, I’ll say it again!  Did you notice anything in that ceiling picture? I bought a new glass pendant from Shades of Light to replace the ugly old fixture – it is the Young House Love Bubble Glass Pendant. I love the light (less than $50!) but I wasn’t thrilled with the glue traces that were on the inside of the glass when it arrived. It took quite a lot of time to get that removed but for the cost and the look of the light, I decided it was worth the extra cleaning effort.  I forgot to remove the sticker on the base when I took the pictures, but here she is cut to size to fit my space.



The hanging rack full of pot lids was replaced with a $10 mirror from Target (on sale) and some cup hooks to hang my keys/sunglasses since every girl needs a mirror by the door for last minute hair/makeup spot checks and a place to hang her keys.


I love that you see the reflection of the plants in the kitchen in the mirror and the touch of blue adds some nice color to the space. I chose this mirror for its size (the space is narrow but tall), the cost was perfect, the touch of blue had me at hello and the wood ties into the wood floors in the adjoining kitchen.  I chose to use simple white cup hooks for keys since I didn’t want them to stand out or compete with my gorgeous new coat hooks.


What coat hooks? These brass beauties! I bought five of these hooks from Anthropologie for $8 each (originally $20 but on clearance). In fact, I cleaned out both Anthro stores here in Michigan to get them all.



Finally, I swapped out my old door deadbolt with an electronic one for easier access (for me anyway) to the home. Since the exterior of this entrance is not covered, I didn’t want to have to mess with keys while trying to enter the house in the snow or rain. Perhaps some updates will be made to the entrance in the summer – we’ll see!


That’s it! Here’s a last picture of the entire entrance, which is incredibly hard to capture on film since the space is so small. Small – but now, extremely functional!


The hallway isn’t the only space to get a new coat of paint – I’ll be back with pictures of other revamped spaces!